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Welcome to Wake. Grow. Rise.

Thank you for visiting Make Way Ministries. I hope you will find the content to be encouraging and informative.  “Wake. Grow. Rise.” comes from the mission statement of our ministry. The Lord spoke three specific phrases to me while I was praying about starting Make Way Ministries. They were “Wake Up,” “Grow Up,” and “Rise Up.” This

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Interview with Steve Gallagher

I had the opportunity to sit down with Steve Gallagher, founder of Pure Life Ministries, to talk about his book, Intoxicated with Babylon. For more information about the book, including how to get a paperback or Kindle copy, visit: Amazon or Pure Life Ministries Here is the transcript of that

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WWJP- What Would Jesus Post?

Most people who have been a part of the Christian community will recognize the WWJD bracelets that could once be found on the wrist of countless Christians in the 1990s. The phrase represented by the acronym is “What Would Jesus Do?” This slogan can be traced back to Lee Sheldon’s

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