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We seek to empower the Body of Christ to awaken through revival, mature through discipleship and arise through evangelism as we make way for our soon-coming King, Jesus Christ.



A sleeping church cannot reach a dying world with the life-saving message of the Gospel.

to awaken the church


Any obstacles that prevent the church from reaching the lost must be addressed and removed.

to mature the church


The church is God’s plan A to reach the world with the Gospel and there is no plan B.

to see the church arise

Our Strategy

How we accomplish our mission



Preaching the truth of God's Word boldly in the U.S.A. and worldwide.

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Offering Bible-centered books, study guides and other devotional materials.

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Connect with us via social media, our YouTube channel and our website.

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Our Areas of Influence

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Ministering locally in the area of Dayton, Ohio, in churches and on the streets.



Ministering nationally in the United States through our speaking and online ministries.



Ministering internationally in multiple countries throughout the world with the Gospel message.

Our Core Values

Values that define our ministry


Matt 23:3
Eph 4:25
2 Cor 1:12
1 Jn 1:7


Rom 10:17
Heb 11:1
2 Cor 5:7
Mk 9:23


Jn 9:4
Matt 24:42-44
1 Cor 7:29-31
Rev 12:12


2 Cor 8:21
Lk 16:10
Titus 2:7
Prov 11:3


2 Tim 2:15
Jn 8:31-32
Eph 4:15
Heb 4:12


1 Cor 10:31
Matt 5:16
Rom 11:36
Isa 42:8

Recent News



God is on the move!

February and March were packed with amazing ministry opportunities. Here’s are the highlights:

Men’s Meeting, Multiply Church, Reynoldsburg, Ohio

I had the privilege of speaking for the men’s ministry at Multiply Church. Pastor TJ Wolfe brought me in as the speaker for an event called “Guys and Ribeyes.” We had a great time of fellowship, enjoyed an amazing meal together and then had a service. As I was preparing for the event, I felt that the Lord wanted me to share specifically about letting go of regret as men. So often, regrets can paralyze us and prevent us from fully stepping into our calling to be men of God. Several men came forward for prayer and shared some deep needs in their lives. I’m grateful for the work of the Holy Spirit and I believe that the Lord accomplished something special in many hearts.

Impact Men’s Conference, Lancaster, Ohio

Several churches came to together to put on a conference for men called Impact. I was one of two speakers that were invited to minister. The conference was held at New Hope Assembly of God. It was refreshing to be with a large gathering of men, willing to spend time on a Saturday seeking after the Lord in worship and hearing the Word. The worship time was rich, and we had two main sessions. Coach Dave Daubenmire with Pass the Salt Ministries shared in the first service. He gave a passionate plea for men to wake up, to realize the times we are living in, and to rise up and be the men God has called us to be in our day. I spoke in the afternoon session, sharing my testimony and speaking on the topic of purity. I asked anyone who wanted to receive Christ for the first time or rededicate their lives to Christ to stand at their seats, and several stood and prayed a prayer of repentance. We had a great time of ministry at the altars, and the Lord did what only He can do.

New Hope Assembly of God, Lancaster, Ohio

I was blessed to be given the privilege to speak at New Hope Assembly of God for their Sunday morning and evening services. As Pastor Randy Perkins and I spoke about the weekend, the Lord laid on my heart to speak on the topic of revival. On Sunday morning, I shared a message about how to kindle a fire in our churches. I spoke about the mistake many churches make in waiting on the Lord to move, rather than doing what Jesus has called us to do, and stirring up the fire of revival as we go. That evening, I spoke about the fire of God and how it is supposed to impact our lives, in ways that are sometimes painful to our flesh. In both services, the presence of the Lord was evident. Many were touched by the Holy Spirit as we ministered at the altars, and the people were very responsive. It was a great weekend in the Lord!

Pure Life Ministries Residential Chapel, Dry Ridge, Kentucky

I preached a message called “Questions and Answers” with Jesus at Pure Life Ministries’ Residential Chapel. The passage of Scripture was from Matthew 22 when Jesus was asked about the greatest commandment. I spoke about the high priority that the Scriptures place on love. At the end of the message, Pastor Steve had all of the men and the staff go outside. We expressed our brotherly love for one another verbally and with a hug. It was a powerful time and several men were really impacted by the love of Christ pouring through others. It was a great reminder of what Jesus said was the most important thing, to love God with all of our heart, soul and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

International Trip: Nicaragua

We had a phenomenal trip to Nicaragua this March. We combined a speaking ministry trip with a medical team and the results were amazing. We personally ministered to over 300 people in two impoverished communities. Many responded to the invitation to receive Christ, others were physically healed and all received attention to their physical needs. We experienced a move of the Holy Spirit in every service where I preached and we saw salvation, healing, deliverance and many lives touched by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are so grateful for our connection with missionaries Rob and Nita Wehrley, and look forward to continuing our work in that country. 

For a detailed report on this trip, you can go to our article here.

Kettering Assembly of God, Kettering, Ohio

I had the great privilege of ministering at my former church, Kettering Assembly of God. Pastor Josh Plaisance invited me to speak as part of their 75 year anniversary celebration. After sharing an update on what God has done in our life and ministry over the last few years, I had a message on my heart about the need for the church to reach the lost. It was a heavy message, but the congregation was responsive. After the message, we had a time of crying out to the Lord for souls together. Then, I felt led to pray for those who wanted an increased evangelistic zeal. We prayed for several people and I believe the Lord stirred up many hearts for the harvest. Praise the Lord for a great morning.

Encounter Night, Miamisburg Assembly of God, Miamisburg, Ohio

I had the opportunity to preach for the Encounter night at my home church. These are monthly nights set apart for seeking the Holy Spirit, enjoying rich worship and hearing a Word from God. I spoke a message about the fire of God in our lives that I believe is an important word for today’s church. I encouraged the congregation to stay hungry for the Lord, and to not allow themselves to fall into a religious experience. We had a great time at the altars as people came forward to cry out to God for more of His presence in their lives.

Rehoboth Assembly of God, Dayton, Ohio

I preached two services at an International Church for African refugees in downtown Dayton. The first service was an English speaking service and the second was translated into Kinyarwanda. I love the African culture, with their zeal for worship and prayer and their exuberant dancing. Pastor Amon Kajabika asked me to come and share some of my testimony as well as preach the Word. I shared my story in both services and then preached a message about the blood of Jesus. In the second service, I gave a call for salvation/ rededication and many people responded. We also laid hands on several people for various needs in their lives. Afterwards, there were several people who shared how the service had impacted their lives. I’m so grateful for how the Lord moved that day.


What a blessing it has been to see how God has continued to pour out His Spirit each time we go out to minister. I’m humbled to be a part of the expansion of His Kingdom here in the United States as well as overseas. A special thank you to each of you who are faithfully interceding and supporting our ministry. You are a blessing to us and an integral part of this ministry.



What a powerful time of ministry we had in Nicaragua this March!

This trip was unique for me as it was the first time we took a team on a Make Way Ministries trip. I felt led by the Lord to assemble a small team of people with medical and ministry backgrounds. God provided a great group and we saw Him use our team to impact the country for His glory.

We partnered with our good friends, missionaries Rob and Nita Wehrley with Project Samuel. They continue to minister to those in great need with both physical and spiritual support. They are actively ministering to children and raising up a generation of young disciples through their children ministries and Bible League ministry. To connect with their ministry in Nicaragua, please visit their website at: Let’s Get Bold. It was a blessing to be reunited with them and also see our friends Jonathan, who translated for the services and Aaron, who did kids ministry throughout the trip.

Our team landed on Tuesday, and we spent the evening settling in and assembling food and hygiene packs for distribution. We gave away 165 packs of food containing rice, beans, salt and sugar and 200 hygiene packs containing soap, loofahs, toothbrushes, toothpaste and other items to the people in the two communities where we ministered. We also had our first set of Spanish Romans Road cards printed and we brought 500 of them with us. These proved to be very helpful in sharing the Gospel and we got them into the hands of hundreds of people in the country.


Wednesday- Thursday: The Valley of the Volcano

We spent two days ministering to the people in an area called the Valley of the Volcano. It has that name because it sits at the base of an active volcano in Masaya. This particular town is built alongside a landfill, so that people can work throughout the day to gather anything valuable they can find to recycle for money. Our outreaches during the day proved to be very well received.

We teamed up with the local church in the community under the leadership of Pastor Jose. In the Valley, we had around 150 people come to be checked out. Each person that came through had an opportunity to receive attention for their physical needs, but we also shared the Gospel with them and offered to pray for them. Many of them were noticeably touched by the Lord as we prayed. I look forward to hearing testimonies of how He healed them physically as well. We had several who prayed to receive or rededicate their lives to Christ!

During our outreaches, we had children’s ministry meetings also taking place for the kids in the community. It was a blessing to see the kids having such a great time learning about God, worshipping and playing games. Our team also had the opportunity to bring water and sandwiches to those working in the landfill each day. It is hard to imagine working all day in the heat of the Nicaraguan sun, searching for whatever you can find to try to make a living for your family. The people were very grateful for the small gesture of love. For those who had so little, the joy they had in their hearts and the love they had for people was such a blessing to experience.

On the first night, we held an outdoor evangelistic meeting in that community. We were told that there were people in the town who practiced witchcraft, and several told us personally how they were under a curse. Our team could feel the spiritual tension in the air. The worship leader that night began to declare the name of Jesus over the community, and you could feel the atmosphere shift. Two people manifested demons that night and received prayer for deliverance. I preached a simple message, and the Lord anointed it powerfully. I shared about healing, deliverance and salvation. Several people responded to the call for salvation at the end. Our team ministered to many who came forward for prayer. I went into the crowd with one of our interpreters, named Gustavo, and we shared Jesus with several people. One group of three young men in particular stand out in my mind. They heard the message but told us, “We will give our lives to Christ at a later time.” We encouraged them that there may not be more time and asked them to take a Romans Road card and pray about it. I thank the Lord for the opportunity to sow seeds of the Gospel.

Thursday Evening: Rock of Salvation Church in Ticuantepe

It was such a blessing to reconnect with Pastor Ernan, who I met on my first trip to Nicaragua last year. He is the leader of a network of churches, and this was my first time preaching at his home church. I spoke a message about the fire of God and our need for His presence and glory in our lives. Many people came forward to seek the Lord, and we had a powerful time of altar ministry. One girl around seven years old came forward with her mother. They both cried out to the Lord with tears streaming down their faces. To see this young girl so sincerely desperate for God touched my heart in a profound way. It was a great night!

Afterwards, I asked Pastor Ernan if he would be willing to share some of the lessons that he has learned about spiritual warfare. He shared with our team three specific encounters that he had with the demonic in his ministry as well as the principles that he learned about spiritual warfare from each experience. It was such a rich time of training for our team, and it led to many conversations throughout the trip.

Friday: Granada

On Friday, our team had a chance to go to the oldest city in Nicaragua, called Granada. I took advantage of this time to share the Gospel with several people. At one point, I looked around at hundreds of people in the crowd and prayed, “Holy Spirit. If you want us to talk to someone specific, please let us bump into them in some way.” Within about two minutes, a man came up to me and Gustavo and introduced himself. We shared the Gospel with him and prayed with him. It was an almost immediate answer to prayer, and I was reminded of the importance of asking God for divine encounters. The Holy Spirit is so willing to help us reach people for Jesus if we will just make ourselves available.

Saturday: Project Samuel and Ticuantepe

On Saturday, we were a part of a childrens program for the kids in the neighborhood of Project Samuel. They had so much fun playing the games and acting out the story of the walls of Jericho. That evening, we traveled to Ticuantepe and I was asked to speak at a gathering of several churches from Pastor Ernan’s network. The worship was amazing, and I spoke about the need for the church to reach the world with the Gospel. Afterwards, we prayed for many who felt a specific call to be an evangelist. We then prayed for many who needed a touch from the Lord. It was a special time as the Lord moved in the room in a tangible way.

Sunday: Two Church Services

On Sunday morning, we were invited to Mount Horeb Church by Pastor Yasir. The people were warm and welcoming. After a time of worship, I shared a message about not allowing the enemy to put the fire of God in our hearts out. The people were very responsive. We prayed for many at the altars and the Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way. Pastor Yasir asked if we would anoint and lay hands on his leadership team. The Lord touched them and I believe that what God stirred up that morning will continue on.

That evening, we travelled to an area outside of Managua to a church that I spoke at on my first trip. It was a blessing to be reunited with Pastor Oskar and Pastor Henry. This year, they set up an outdoor evangelistic meeting outside the church. We had a great time of worship and afterwards I shared a message highlighting Jesus’ ability to deliver people from bondage, heal their bodies and save their souls. One young lady came forward at the altar to give her life to Jesus. She was pregnant and I’m grateful for how the Lord will touch generations in her family through this mother’s faith. Another elderly man came forward to rededicate his life to Christ. He had a lot of pain in his knees, and after praying for him, the pain had decreased exponentially. We prayed for several others for their needs as well. They had the children from the church come up front and our team prayed for them. It was a beautiful moment, and we could see how the Lord is raising up a generation of young people on fire for Him. The Lord ministered to many that night.

Monday-Tuesday: Los Altos

We spent Monday and Tuesday in a town called Los Altos. Pastor Noel pastors a church there, and they opened their building for us to host two outreach days to minister to those in need. Between the two days, we saw over 150 people. Several came to the Lord, and on the second day, several were physically healed as we prayed. One young lady who had pain in her thigh said that heat came into her leg when we prayed and all the pain left. Another was healed of back pain and a man with knee pain was also touched. Many others we prayed for had ailments that were not possible to know if there was an immediate touch from God, but we believe in faith that many others experienced miracles that day.

On both Monday and Tuesday nights, we held outdoor street meetings in Los Altos. We set up the meeting right on the street in a residential community. The first night, I spoke from the Gospels and gave a call for salvation. Several came forward to pray to receive Christ. We then began to pray for people who were in need. When we prayed for one gentlemen, something didn’t feel right in my spirit. I asked the translator to find out what the man needed from the Lord. He shared that he had stomach pain and had gone to a local witch seeking healing. I asked if he was ready to renounce that tie to witchcraft and he responded that he was. As we prayed, a demonic spirit began to manifest, and as we took authority over it, the man began to vomit blood and it left him. He will receive further ministry from the church there. Praise the Lord for His delivering power!

There was a man standing outside his home listening to the message and I felt drawn to speak with him. We asked him if he was a believer, and he said he was not but that he was ready to become one. We prayed with him and he asked us to pray with his wife as well. She was not ready to receive Christ, but she sat through the whole message the second night. I believe the Lord is going to touch her heart and transform that family. We left a Romans Road card with them and the husband was reading through it intently as we were packing up after the meeting.

On Tuesday night, I preached a message about the blood of Jesus. When I gave the altar call, no one responded at first. However, after a few moments a man came forward, followed by a couple of women. Then several children came forward. As I led them in a prayer of repentance, the children prayed out loud sincerely. It so touched my heart. I realized that this was a moment that many of them would remember as they responded to the Lord and He washed their sins clean. Pastor Noel expressed his deep gratitude to our team for coming and ministering to so many in his community. He was grateful that we not only ministered to the physical needs of people, but also the spiritual needs.

Final Thoughts

The overall theme of this trip was definitely 1 John 4:4: “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” We were constantly aware that the enemy was not happy that we were doing what we were doing. However, in the midst of the warfare, we saw time after time how prayer was effective in pulling down strongholds. Many of our prayers were answered almost instantaneously by the Lord. In one instance, we were in a customs line and it seemed the clerk was giving people a hard time. We prayed as a group and within seconds, a security guard waved us over to another line. We saw God move in this way all throughout the trip, and we were so encouraged at the power of prayer.

I was also reminded of what an encouragement it is to the church in other nations when we come to pour ourselves out in their country. Several of the pastors expressed heartfelt gratitude for the fact that we would bring a team to bless them. However, we left feeling that they poured more into us than we gave to them!

So many lives were touched on the trip through the ministry, only Heaven knows the true impact. But we were so blessed to see many people touched right before our eyes. I am so grateful to the Lord for how He moved. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for praying with us along the way!

If you would like to donate toward our International Ministry to help make trips like this happen, you can do that by clicking here. Just select the “International Ministry” fund and all of those donations will go directly to our overseas work.

I shot a seven-part vlog of updates throughout the trip, including many of the testimonies of what the Lord did and video clips of the prayer/ worship in the services. You can watch it here:



 A Fruitful Month of Ministry!

January was a flurry of activity, as the Lord opened so many doors for our ministry. I am so grateful for the way that the Holy Spirit moved in every event. Here’s are the highlights:


Risen Church, Dayton, Ohio

I was invited to preach on Sunday, January 7, at Risen Church in Dayton, Ohio. Pastors Paul and Ann Simpson have a great congregation there. They have a real heart for the community and offer meals after services for those in the neighborhood who could use some extra help. That morning, I spoke about how the experience of Pentecost was never meant to be a one-time event for the church, but an ongoing lifestyle. Several responded to a call for salvation and I had the opportunity to pray for several at the altars for a fresh touch from the Lord. It was a blessing to be a part of what God is doing at Risen Church!


Real Life Church, Charlotte, Michigan

I traveled to Michigan to speak at two churches on the weekend of January 14th. On Sunday morning, I was blessed with the opportunity to minister with Pastors Andy and Emily Shaver at Real Life Church. Their church has a heart for their city and during the service, a team of several intercessors shared about their prayer strategy for the local schools. It was great to hear about the impact they are making in their community. We had a great time of worship and I spoke about maintaining our intimacy with the Lord despite the spiritual atmosphere all around us that wants to choke it out. Several responded during the altar time, asking the Lord to keep their fire burning. It was a special time with these precious believers.


Journey Life Church, Holt, Michigan

That evening, I spoke at Journey Life Church in Holt, Michigan. They invited me to come to their monthly Saturate Revival Night service. The church sets this time aside for seeking the Lord and allowing the Holy Spirit to move freely. There was a sweet presence of the Holy Spirit all night and I could sense the hunger of the people. I shared from the book of I Kings about the story of Elijah on Mount Carmel. I used it to share about what happens when the glory of God enters our lives and situations. Afterwards, we prayed for many people. One young man received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with tears streaming down his face. I also received a testimony from one of the church members that a woman had a vision at the altar that had a significant impact in her life. Praise the Lord for what He is doing!


Pure Life Ministries Residential Chapel, Dry Ridge, Kentucky

Sunday morning, January 21, I traveled down to Pure Life Ministries to minister in their Residential Chapel service. We are continuing to preach through the Life of Christ Series, and my passage was about the cleansing of the Temple and the cursing of the fig tree. As I studied these two passages, the connection between what Jesus was doing in the Gospels and the Old Testament passages about Israel became apparent. I also discovered how the cursing and the cleansing were two prophetic acts linked to each other. The Lord ministered to the hearts of the men that morning, and it was a great time of ministry.


Minister’s Retreat, Sandusky, Ohio

From there, we headed up to Sandusky, Ohio to take part in the Minister’s Retreat for the Ohio Ministry Network. This is an annual gathering for all of the Assembly of God ministers and their families in the state. Through a series of Holy Spirit connections, I was invited to speak this year at the retreat. I was both humbled and honored to do so. What is even more amazing is that the other speaker, Pastor Greg Mundis, was the one who had to call me back in 2010 to ask me to resign from my position as a Missionary Associate due to my sin. Talk about an amazing act of restoration on the Lord’s part. He continues to bring things in my life full circle, and I’m so grateful for His work.

I had a chance to speak to many pastors at a luncheon for evangelism training. I provided encouragement and practical resources about how to ignite evangelism in their local churches. The feedback was great and one young man reached out to me and shared how he and his wife had already begun to step out in faith to share Jesus in the community in a new way.

Tuesday evening was the session where I was asked to share my story. Having an opportunity to speak to ministers is special because I’m able to share some of the difficult lessons that I have learned in ministry, to hopefully prevent others from having to learn them the hard way. I shared my story in detail, highlighting my journey as a minister specifically. I then shared several points about what I have learned through my story. We had an altar time and many came forward to respond to the Lord for various reasons. I believe the Lord is already using it in the lives of many to help some come into the light and others to be encouraged to press forward in their ministries.


East Dayton Christian School Chapels

That Thursday morning, I had the opportunity to preach at East Dayton Christian School for their middle and high school chapels. I felt at the last minute that I was supposed to change my plan and share about the work of the Holy Spirit and the need for students to learn to walk with Him. The Holy Spirit moved in a special way in both services. In the middle school chapel, many young people went to the altar and others students went forward to pray with one another. At one point, I got down on my knees to pray at my seat, and several students came to pray for me. I felt the presence of God in a tangible way and I was so encouraged by the faith and passion of the young people. God is raising up a generation of young people on fire!


The Covering Womens Ministry Special Services

We had three nights of special services for The Covering Womens Residential Program on January 25-27. I sit on the Board for their ministry and I love how the leadership makes room for the Lord to move. Each night, God did something special for all in attendance. The theme of the services was, “Called Out of Darkness to Shine.” The first night, I spoke on how the Lord helps us to break out of the darkness in our lives. I talked about Jesus’ interaction with the man possessed by demons in Luke 8 and the woman caught in adultery in John 8. Several responded to a call to rededicate their lives to Christ and we had a time of ministry for those who wanted freedom in areas of their lives.

On the second night, I spoke about how we are called to walk through the darkness as Christians. I gave a strong call to holiness. At the end, I felt led to invite people to pray for the American church as a whole. Several came forward and offered passionate prayers for the Lord to help the Body of Christ to see our need for Jesus and to reject the things of the world.

The third night, I spoke about shining in the darkness. As believers, we are called to bring the light of Christ to the world around us. I spoke about how we can do that by sharing our story, participating in evangelism and doing good works. At the end, we prayed for a fresh touch and several were ministered to in a special way. One young man was baptized in the Holy Spirit and a woman was touched by God and later testified that that was the first time she had been able to cry in a year and a half! I’m so grateful for the way He moved among us during those special meetings.

What an incredible month we had! God has been so faithful to move in the way that He wants. Souls are being rescued out of darkness and Christians are being set on fire. I’m so excited to see what God is doing. Please continue to pray for us. We cannot do what God has called us to without the faithful intercession of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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