THE CRUCIFIED LIFESTYLE (Non-Fiction- Paperback)



An ancient form of capital punishment that is no longer practiced. Yet Jesus expected His followers to take up a cross. His call to discipleship was given many centuries ago. Times have changed…culture has changed…the world looks very different than when the Messiah’s feet connected with the dust of the earth. But has the calling of a disciple changed with time and culture? Why is there such a seeming disparity between the experience of His original twelve disciples and the typical professing believer in today’s church?

In The Crucified Lifestyle, Dustin Renz explores Jesus’ call to discipleship in Luke 9:23 in search of answers to these questions. This book breathes fresh life into ancient biblical truths for the disciple in a twenty-first century context. Its pages contain nine relevant life-giving principles from the Scriptures that are essential for anyone who desires to follow Jesus.

If you long to find greater depth in your relationship with God and more freedom in your Christian walk, The Crucified Lifestyle provides a pathway to get you there. But beware, the truths contained within have the power to convict, challenge and transform your life!

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