The Holy Spirit is moving!

Here are the highlights from our speaking ministry for the months of April and May:



Leading Worship at Bethel Christian Assembly of God- Beavercreek, Ohio

What a privilege it was to be invited to lead worship in Beavercreek, Ohio at Bethel Christian Assembly of God. I seldom lead worship in this season of ministry, and to have the opportunity to lead with my oldest daughter, Abigail, made it even more special. As I was thinking about the service, it came to me how merciful the Lord has been to restore our family and allow me to minister with my daughter, who was less than a year old when I went to Pure Life Ministries Residential Program. How great the Lord has been, and His presence was with us during the worship time that morning in a special way.




First Assembly of God- Xenia, Ohio

I had the opportunity to preach to the wonderful congregation at Xenia First Assembly of God this April. This is the church that my wife and her family attended for many years when she was growing up. It’s located in a beautiful, historic building in downtown Xenia. Pastor Kevin and Lisa welcomed us warmly and led us into the presence of God through worship. I spoke about the significance of the blood of Jesus and we took communion together at the end of the message. It was a great service and we were grateful to see some old friends, and make some new ones.




Englewood Christian Assembly of God- Englewood, Ohio

I preached two services with Pastors Tim and Lisa Scarborough at Englewood Christian Assembly of God. In the morning, I spoke about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the need for us to make this gift a part of our daily lives. Several came forward to seek the baptism, and others for a fresh touch from God. That evening, I spoke about the need to press into the presence of God like never before. His presence was in the service in a tangible way. At the end of the message, we gathered together as a group and had a time of activating the spiritual gifts. Many had words of exhortation and encouragement to share. It was a great Sunday in Englewood!




Pure Life Ministries Annual Conference- The Ark Encounter

I was invited to minister at Pure Life Ministries’ Annual Conference at the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky. It was a powerful conference, and the Lord worked in the lives of so many attendees, including myself. I have an article dedicated to the details of that event, including the video link for the conference message I preached called, “The Truth About Deception”. You can read that article on our website here.




Miamisburg Assembly of God- Miamisburg, Ohio

My wife, Brittany, was invited to preach the Mother’s Day service at our home church, Miamisburg Assembly of God. She is an important part of our ministry, and much of what she does is behind the scenes. It was a blessing to hear her speak and use her gift of communication to minister the Word. She spoke about Moses’ mother, Jochebed, and gave several points from her life on how to raise kids as a godly mother. It was a great service and we were all challenged to raise our kids according to the ways of God.




Pure Life Ministries Residential Chapel- Dry Ridge, Kentucky

I travelled to Pure Life Ministries to speak on campus three times in April-May:

First Service- I preached a message about communion called “His Broken Body and Shed Blood.” The message came from the story of Jesus instituting the Lord’s supper in Matthew 26. As I studied the rich history and tradition of the communion ceremony, the beauty and sobriety of the practice came to the surface. When we took communion together at the end of the service, it gave it a renewed significance.


Second Service– On a Wednesday night, I offered a class to the students with a special focus on the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The men who wanted to attend were invited to stay afterwards for a time of seeking the Holy Spirit. So many men came forward, and the Lord ministered His presence in a special way. Several testimonies came in from that night of how the Lord worked in the lives of those who were hungry for His presence.


Third Service– The second Sunday that I preached in the residential chapel came from the text of John 17. As I meditated on Jesus’ prayer for Himself, His disciples, and all those who would follow them (including us), several points became clear from the text. Just the fact that John gives us a snapshot into the prayer life of Jesus is incredible. But to also hear His prayer for us is amazing. His intercession in chapter 17 continues to be answered in countless ways as we glorify the Lord, enjoy God’s love and live out the calling of His disciples today.



Outpouring of the Seekers Tent Revival- McArthur, Ohio

I was the first speaker for a series of revival meetings that involved several churches in Vinson County. A tent was setup at Calvary Assembly of God in McArthur, and the public was invited to join us for these meetings. It was a blessing to meet believers from several denominations, coming together in unity to seek the Lord. I spoke about the importance of the fire of God in our lives and our need to seek after the Lord like never before. The people were very responsive, and the Lord moved in a beautiful way in the altar time.


I’m so grateful for how the Lord continues to move as we go into various settings to preach the Gospel. Thank you to all who are praying and supporting our ministry. You are vital to this work, and we feel your prayers everywhere we go. If you would like to connect with us for prayer requests, to book a service, or to donate, you can do so right here on our website.

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