Practical Instruction on Living Evangelistically!

I teamed up with three other evangelists to put on our first Practical Power Conference, held at Miamisburg Assembly of God in Ohio. This was an evangelism training event, and our heart was to equip and empower the church to step out in faith and share the Gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit. Many people came out to hear more about Holy Spirit-led evangelism and how they can implement it into their lives. We brought Evangelist Brandon Duke to lead worship, and we had several intimate times of seeking the Lord together under his anointed leadership.

I taught the first session. I shared some of my own evangelism story and gave many principles that I have learned over the years that have assisted in developing an evangelistic lifestyle. I wanted to give some practical teaching that can apply to believers in their everyday lives. I shared many stories of what I have seen the Lord do in my life. We took time to pray for an increased burden for the lost in our lives and also paired up with a partner to share a simple presentation of the Gospel with each other. It was great to see people putting into practice the sharing of the Gospel, so that they can feel more confident in doing it outside the church walls.

Evangelist Ryan Young taught the second session on healing. He shared some practical principles about how to pray for the healing of those you encounter in life. He shared some amazing testimonies of how the Lord has used healing to reach people in his life, just like He did when He walked the earth in the Gospels. We were encouraged to step out in faith and boldness and lay hands on the sick, believing them to recover. We had time to pray for one another at the altars, and many people were touched by the Lord.

The final session was taught by Evangelist Ethan Robison. His topic was about hearing the voice of God. He shared about the simplicity of hearing God’s voice and communicating that to people in our lives. He told some incredible testimonies of how the Lord has used him in this area to reach out to people in their time of need. We than had opportunity to practice this, teaming up with another person, praying and asking God for insight, and sharing that insight with our prayer partner.

Throughout the day, we gave people opportunities to not only sit under teaching, but put into practice what they were taught. This was a unique dynamic of this conference that we really wanted to emphasize. I believe the church should be the training ground for Christians to be equipped and empowered, and then sent out into the world to be Jesus.

The event was a success, and I’m so grateful for all the feedback we received. God really stirred our hearts and I believe there will be a harvest of souls from what the Lord accomplished at the Practical Power Conference.

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